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Being a great person does not mean you need to be very famous. Being great is becoming a person that you will be proud of. A person’s character is what makes him or her great. The status you are born with is not a measure of how great you are. If you think you are not great yet, here are five tips to make you great someday.


Balanced education

Boarding schools is a good example of a balanced education. You will study under a school with high-quality education while they teach you manners in the boarding school. You will learn how to be sociable and understand other cultures. You should not just excel in academics, but in sports too. You will soon realize that not everything is learned in books. You will learn from your mistakes. Your wonderful experiences in school and outside will let you learn many things.

Sharing a collective vision


Peaceful mind

Lying to other people will just give you a burden to you. You will soon find yourself covering one lie with another lie. It is better, to be honest, and have a peaceful mind. You don’t need to cheat in order to pass your exams. If you work hard, you will pass using your abilities. Deceiving people to buy products that do not meet standards will just make you worry for customer’s complaints. Buying things using your own money that you have worked for will give you great joy.

Courageous heart

Taking the courage to do difficult things is what other people lack to become great. A courageous heart will help you to surpass challenges on your own. Taking the courage to do something new will be difficult to come by. You can fail or be successful. Trying new things is also an opportunity for you to discover many wonders that you never knew existed. Many people do not want to take up new challenges and prefer to be mediocre.


Strong determination

Trying to achieve your set goals will need a strong determination. When studying for your exams, you will need to allot time for review. If you decided to enter a great school, you need to work for it. There are options like dukes educational consultancy to help you get into a school you want. Your strong determination will help you in achieving your goals, whether to enter a good university or be a successful person.

Patience for changes

You might have already heard that the only permanent thing in the world is change. You will undergo changes in your own body. You will change schools as you grow up. You will lose people that are dear to you. It is important for you to be patient for changes. They will keep on coming.

You need to improve your character while you are young to make yourself great. Be patient for changes and have a strong determination to adjust to it.Always do things honestly to have a peaceful mind. Your courageous heart will keep you on top while getting a balanced education.

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Again With The Clogging!

Imagine this scenario in your head. You’re washing your dishes as you normally do then all of a sudden there’s a weird sound imitating from the sink. You check to see what’s wrong. You realized the problem you’re in. Your sink has been clogged, AGAIN! Why is that? Well, the answer is that overtime your pipes has slowly been clogged thanks to the small scrap of food, grease, stray hair or dental floss that’s been tossed in which causes build-up in the drainage system. The solution is to clean your drains regularly thus preventing your sink from getting clogged and keeping your sink in working order once again.

Now what happens when you don’t know how to do the handiwork? For instance, you’ve never fixed a sink, leaking faucets, or when the toilet suddenly keeps running before in your life. Who are you going to call? The professionals of course.


They’re Here To Serve You

It is their job to help you with their services by fixing whatever plumbing problem you’ve got there at home. For it is their aim to provide their customers fast, efficient and reliable services.  They can be their when it’s a holiday and they won’t charge you for it. They prided on themselves in delivering their best quality service and they can make it happen. They will not disappoint you for it is their job to make you happy and have a working sink.

Drain Doctor South West are the best and they know how to handle any drainage problem in various areas within London. If you’re struggling with your sink, your toilet or your drainage system, have no worry for they are the masters in their field. Now, another problem that is also a common thing to come up in your home and it’s your pipes. What if your pipes are broken does breaking the system and causing unnecessary leaking. They can also fixed that by replacing the broken pipes with new ones and adjust them to align with all the piping system in order to connect them once again. Thus, having your water to flow freely without water spitting everywhere because of their cracks.

That’s Why You Need Them

Remember don’t try to fix the problem on your own if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why plumbers are here for you. They exist to help you because it is their field work and they know what the diagnosis of your sink is and they know which is best to treat them without making it worse. So, if you got caught up with a problem that is beyond your knowledge then don’t hesitate in calling their assistance for they are happy to serve you and make your problems go away by fixing the source of your unhappiness. Fixing the sink, the toilet or any other problem that is required for a plumber to come to your aid they will be there for you no matter what.

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Safety First When On The Road

Safety First When On The Road

Posted By on Jul 1, 2016

Rebecca Bull

A lot of accidents are happening on the road due to several reasons. You want to lessen the odds of you meeting an accident on the road. This will be made possible if you are going to practice certain measures. To help you freshen up your mind as to what are these riding safety measures, read on.

The following are the things that you need to do in order to ensure safety when you are on the road:

  1. Check first before you drive.

Yes, we already have learned this right before we start to drive. But let’s not forget to do this every day. It is very essential to have a conditioned vehicle on the road. Or else the chances of driving with a malfunctioned car or motorcycle are much greater. You might say it was running good yesterday for sure it will do today and you forego the idea of checking it up before you hop in. What if the fanbelt is broken? What if your brakes are faulty? You do not want to put yourself at risk, don’t you?


  1. Follow through with scheduled maintenance.

You already have an idea about scheduled maintenance right? Do take note of this in your smartphone – with regard to changing oil, having tune-up, or conducting regular check-up of the car by an auto mechanic, and so on. The car or motorcycle is similar to our body. It needs to undergo thorough check up in order to ensure that it is still in good running condition. Plus, if there are some parts that are damaged or faulty, they will be remedied right away.

  1. Have it repaired once you saw a problem.

Lastly, when you have done a check up or when you are on the road and your car just broke down, do have it repaired right away. Riding safety should be your utmost priority. Do make sure that you have this covered just before things will go worst. You do not want other parts of your vehicle will get damaged and later on, you will be spending too much instead. So, go directly to a mechanic and don’t ever delay this. You want to have a running vehicle not a damaged one.

Riding safety will always boil down to preparation and prevention. So, do take note of what needs to be done at your end. Yes, the check ups, the visits to an auto mechanic, when to change oil, change tires, etc. In this way, you will prolong the lifespan of your car or motorcycle. Plus, you are saving yourself more money since major issues will be stopped from occurring since they are repaired immediately.

Be a driver who knows how to take care of your vehicle. Be responsible on the road. You want to make sure that you practice riding safety all the time. Just in case you will catch an accident in the future do have presence of mind. This will save you!

If you’re interested in more riding safety information, please follow https://twitter.com/topmotojackets on Twitter!


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The first advantage that you will be able to get if you will hire platinum transport services is that you will have the convenience and assurance that your item/s will be delivered on time like if in the event you want it to be delivered on time like the same day as you hired them, or the next day or no matter which date that you want your stuff to be delivered on time. On time deliver is actually one of the best advantage that you will get once you hire platinum transport services.

Now another advantage that you will be able to get is that you will be assured that your stuff will be handled with care because their crews and drivers and certified or highly qualified for their positions. Plus since they are already doing it for a long time now, then you will be assured that they are already experts in handling and delivering your stuff. The good thing if you will leave it to the experts when delivering your stuff is that you can have a peace of mind that your stuff will take cared of properly.

Then one of the benefits that you will get in hiring platinum transport services is that it will actually be cost effective in the sense that you do not need to deliver your or the stuff that you needed to be transported to a certain location because platinum transport services will do it for you. Also, you will be able save some energy and effort if in the event that you will transport stuff on your own. This means that if you will hire platinum transport services, it will actually not just be cost effective but you will also be able to save time, effort and energy.

Then one of the important advantages that you need to take from platinum transport is that you will be stress free side from the fact that you will be able to rest your mind since aside from the fact as well that you will be assured that your stuff will be taken cared of since they are experts and highly qualified, if in the event that something unfortunate will happen, there will actually some insurance that you can rely on. This means that if you want to be stress and worry free then you can opt to have some insurance for protection while transporting your stuff but if not, you can actually also sign a waiver that the company will not be held liable if something happens to the stuff that are being transported.

And then the important advantage that you actually need to take advantage if you will get platinum transport services is that the commitment that they provide for their work, like you can be assured that they will be there on time as promised or agreed. You can also expect professionalism from them, so if you want to get their service/s then visit http://platinumtransport.co.uk/.

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A smile is never more beautiful than when your pearly whites are completely pampered and attended to. A smile is definitely at its peak of brightness when the teeth are as white and clean as possible. There are so many different home remedies to get whiter teeth but when you are in need of fast and satisfying results, you may need professional help. Choosing a dental clinic that does not only give you your desired results, but also makes sure that you understand the process of teeth whiting and that you are getting the most out of your deal can be a challenge. Since there are so many clinics everywhere that offer teeth whitening, the challenge is in choosing a clinic that does not only give you whiter teeth, but also guarantees you good customer service.

Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of unraveling the most beautiful smile of a person. Our teeth are often neglected parts of body since they seem to be unimportant and unnoticeable – they are anything but. Teeth that are properly attended to will not only boost the charm of one’s smile but will also give the individual added confidence boost when talking and smiling for photos. So, do not neglect your pearly whites and do something to make sure that they are as white as pearls.

Warrington Smile Clinic can indeed help you get the smile you want and need. With their competent and trustworthy orthodontists, a brighter smile is ensured for you. The cosmetic dentists of Warrington Smile Clinics are more than capable of not only performing but also ensuring best quality treatments. Listed below are only some of the services offered by the cosmetic dentists of Warrington Smile Clinic.


  1. Warrington Teeth Whitening

Two methods are offered for teeth whitening. One, laser teeth whitening which is performed in the cosmetic dentist’s clinic and two, at-home bleaching which involves the use of bleaching kits that are brought home with the patient.

  1. Porcelain Veneers

It is process by which a ceramic shell, called porcelain veneers,  is coated around the front of each tooth to create a cleaner and whiter finish.

  1. Bonding

Bonding involves the use of tooth colored material that is applied to the front of the teeth. The material used is shaped and polished to match the look of the other teeth.

  1. Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are caps used to replace the decayed parts of a tooth. A porcelain cap is used to cover damaged teeth are shaped to look like the healthy teeth around it.

  1. Bridges

With the use of two crowns and a false tooth, the gap from where a tooth is missing is filled up and occupied. The crowns are used to lie atop the teeth surrounding the gap and are connected over where the false tooth is placed to hide the gap.

Aside from the above mentioned procedures, the cosmetic dentists of Warrington Smile Clinic are highly capable in remedying crooked teeth, abnormal bite and plenty other dental issues. This is made possible by the clinic’s competent dentists and top of the line equipments.

So whenever you feel like your teeth needs a little tender loving care, give Warrington Smile clinic a call.

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Hypnotherapy is used to address a number of problems ranging from addictions such as binge eating, smoking, and drinking to emotional trauma such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depressions. It is also know to help pain management during childbirth. All these sound great, but the question in hand is –what does hypnotherapy feel like?

A due-diligent therapist guides you through a mental journey that involves deep relaxation of your mind and body muscles. He takes you into a state of trance or semi-consciousness where you find yourself in bliss and gratification. The other signs of trance are a relaxed face, slow-down in the rate of breathing, less movement of body or complete stillness. It is very similar to meditation except you enter a blissful state through our own imagination while meditating. Although it feels like you’re taking a nap and are relaxed, you’re still aware of your environment. You can hear and follow instructions with your eyes closed. You’re awareness is associated with the deep, sub-conscious mind and not your regular alert state of mind that is critical and judgmental.

Here are two videos where the experiences of hypnotherapy are effectively described.

It’s not just a situation where the therapist controls a person like a puppet by pulling strings in order to get him to follow instructions. In fact, the person under therapy is in a euphoric state of mind where he relinquishes control and is more open to absorbing suggestions. The hypnotized subject in a relaxed state loses track of time and feels just few minutes have passed while actually being in that state for an hour. The person wakes up very refreshed and renewed.

It is very common for people under hypnosis to experience very pleasant feelings such as extreme lightness and floating in the air, while others may feel very heavy as though they are sinking into the chair – all due to deep relaxation. Both these feelings are completely common and natural. In such a state, you can hear everything around you, the therapist and outside sounds, perfectly. You’re focus and concentration are at its peak, and you feel empowered.

The other bodily sensations you may go through are as follows:

  • You may feel detached from your body as though you’re hands and legs are detached from your body because you’re so deeply relaxed. You are perfectly fine although you lose mindfulness of your body.
  • Some may feel physically withdrawn and numbness in their body, while others sense a tingling sensation in feet, hands and legs that is normal.
  • You may experience your eyes moving back and forth as in rapid eye movement of sleep cycle. Your eyelids may also flutter or flicker. All these are perfectly normal when you are in a state of deep relaxation.

In summary, hypnosis has few major elements – 1) heightened focus on a problem to be addressed 2) Detaching yourself from the current, immediate physical environment. The therapist asks you to imagine yourself amidst of nature – a serene waterfall, a forest or a beach. You imagine yourself in that place although you’re physically not present there.3) You are more open and accepting to suggestions 4) you feel a magic has been worked upon you when you wake up rather than feeling that you’ve done some work.

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Hypnotherapy and smoking

Hypnotherapy and smoking

Posted By on Apr 6, 2016

Rebecca Bull

Does Hypnotherapy really help you quit smoking?

Everyone knows why he/she shouldn’t smoke; the harmful effects of lung cancer, very expensive, harmful to second-hand smokers, and detrimental enough to break social relationships. Despite the knowledge, smoking is an addiction. Many people turn to hypnotherapy to get rid of smoking after trying other possible options. Hypnotherapy addresses the problem by emphasizing on the reasons why a person is addicted to smoking rather than why he shouldn’t smoke. It focuses on changing the smoker’s conceptions or beliefs about smoking that it is pleasurable and relaxing. It gets him out of a state of self-deprivation of the pleasure of smoking and reassures that he’s making the right choice.

Hypnotherapy can help quit smoking only if the smoker has a strong desire to quit. Merely attempting with half-mind will definitely not work. So, how does hypnotherapy work? Firstly, the hypnotherapist helps you relax by starting with breathing exercises. Once you’re relaxed, they take you through visualizations of certain images, and give you instructions to follow that helps you enter and exit your consciousness, yet being aware of your environment. The therapist induces you into a state of semi-consciousness known as ‘trance’.  They ask you several questions to learn the cause to your smoking addiction, the positive associations your mind makes with smoking and your needs that are fulfilled with smoking.

Once he learns your thoughts, the therapist gets in touch with your sub-conscious mind to break your positive associations with smoking. At this point, the therapist is being persuasive about the smoker’s desire to quit and the smoker is more accepting and open to suggestibility. Therapist tries to make statements such as “Smoking is not pleasurable”. “Smoking is unpleasant”, “I hate smoking and its smell”, and “I am least interested in smoking”. These thoughts will be engraved deep into his sub-conscious mind that will create an aversion to smoking once he is awake. Next, the smoker will continue to practice his beliefs so that he can eventually quit smoking.

To sum it up, hypnosis can erase the old beliefs about smoking and put in new, positive and healthy thoughts. They also help you to refocus your need to smoke into something more productive. For example, whenever you feel the desire to smoke, they suggest you to redirect your energy to an alternative activity such as listening to music or donating a dollar to local charity. This helps you achieve a sense of self-gratification and not feel deprived of smoking. See for yourself the video of how the celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres, quits smoking and feels gratified after using hypnotherapy

Why do some people say “Hypnotherapy didn’t help me quit smoking?” That is because they really did not have the desire to quit in the first place. They, perhaps, tried to quit for someone else -“I tried hypnotherapy to quit smoking because my wife asked me to do so.”, “I’m just giving a shot at hypnotherapy”. These reasons are not good enough. You can quit smoking only if you have a strong desire and a reason to do so. Hypnotherapy needs you to be totally convinced that you are addicted for the wrong reasons. Addiction can be addressed by redirecting your energy into alternate productive activities.

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Did you misplace a valuable jewelry or wallet and frantically look for it only to be disappointed? Did you have a hard time cramming so many different subjects for exams? Did you write down the code to your safe in a paper so that you don’t lose track and then forgot where you placed the piece of paper itself? Is your poor memory and inability to recall driving you nuts? Then, hypnotic therapy maybe your answer.

Hypnotic therapy is a common technique used by the therapists to improve memory. Improving memory has two main characteristics: 1) storing or retaining information 2) retrieving or recalling information. Hypnotherapy can come to your rescue when you’ve got trouble at both or either stages of the memory.

Below are different scenarios of how hypnotherapy can help your memory.

  • Students have so many different subjects to study for exams. I remember having nightmares while studying for history exams with so many facts and dates to remember! Hypnotherapy can help students stay relaxed before and during exams. In addition to relaxing, it can rescue students in other ways. It can be used to increase concentration during preparation, retain information effectively, and recall the same easily during exams.

In a session, the hypnotherapist reads the notes to the student when he/she is in a deep, relaxed state of mind called somnambulistic state. During this kind of hypnotic therapy, the student’s eyes are open while the mind is unwaveringly focused on the material for the exam. The student focuses only on his notes and the vision of everything around him is blocked out. This burns the information into his sub-conscious mind that is retrieved when needed.

  • It is used by police and other law-enforcement officials to get the witnesses to recall and retrieve the events of a crime that can be used as evidence.

It is used on victims to retrieve abuse or misdeeds performed on them by the charged to prove them guilty and punish them appropriately.

  • It is used to recall memories from childhood by regressing to an earlier period of time that may have caused trauma resulting in undesirable behavior as adults. This could help to address the adult issues so that the person can lead a normal and happy life.
  • When you simply misplace an object or lose track of the spot where you placed a valuable possession, hypnotherapy can help you recall. It can help you recollect a code, combination for a safe or a password. Information is retrieved from your subconscious state of mind by the therapist by walking you through the sequence of events or actions that took place until you lost the object. The therapist provides oral cues throughout the session that helps you retrieve information.

Improving memory and retrieving lost memories through hypnotherapy depends on your level of trust in the therapy and the skills of the therapist.

However, there is a drawback in using hypnotherapy to retrieve memory. There have been cases where the therapists have induced false memories which when recalled by the subjects have had legal and emotional repercussions. Hence, it is very critical to find a reputed, reliable and trust-worthy hypnotherapist while dealing with memory.

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